LIMN - The Flowsheet Processor

Process flowsheets built into a spreadsheet:

  • Rapid sketching of report quality flowsheets using a ‘flowsheet aware’ drawing package
  • Extensive process unit icon library
  • Block diagram option
  • Easy addition of user drawn custom icons
  • Data are stored totally within the spreadsheet – no additional files
  • All data are accessible to the user – no internal data formats
  • WYSIWIG presentation – may be used in conjunction with other tools for the Microsoft®Windows™operating system

The flowsheet makes an ideal vehicle for:

  • Presentation of survey results
  • Presentation of survey results
  • Preparation of design data
  • Display of process balance data


The Limn:Solve ‘Simulation Engine’ provides:

  • Balanced flowsheet solutions using your spreadsheet models, the Limn model pack, or model packs from external sources
  • Spreadsheet based simulation (without circular references!)
  • Results of simulations saved within the spreadsheet and presented in data blocks on the flowsheet


Limn may be further enhanced by the addition of domain specific Add-Ins:

  • # WizardPack Add-On for Limn – Provides data structures and models for simulation and analysis of mineral, coal and other processing operations
  • # THERMO Add-In for Limn and Excel –Provides simple spreadsheet access to a chemical thermodynamics database and calculations

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