Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Traveller Cell

Laboratory testing for plant design or ore amenability is well established using bench top cells. Conventional equipment design tends to be for large, heavy and generally static cells. The Traveller 50 cell has been designed to retain all conventional flotation equipment facilities, but with quick assembly and much reduced size, weight and cost. The assembled unit can therefore be used for standard flotation test programmes, and can also be regularly transported to remote locations. The Traveller 50 can easily be carried as airline baggage.

Details and Specifications

The Traveller 50 is manufactured with a combination of corrosion resilient light-weight materials and stainless steel components. Quick release assembly bolts allow dismantling and re-assembly in two minutes.

Cell capacity 2.0 litres 125-250g mineral sample
(base x height)
300×400 x 510mm
200×300 x 50mm
flotation cell and impeller
speed control
Impeller diameter
Weight 12.5 kg approx. Nett
Power connection 13 A, 50 Hz, 220-240V AC single phase
DC Motor rating 0.5 kW
Impeller speeds 0-3000 rpm

The Traveller 50 has the following standard features:

  • Locking tilt drive pivot
  • Quick release impeller shaft
  • Impeller reagent dispersion port
  • Vibration dampening

Accessories and variations

The Traveller 50 can be supplied with a range of accessories including:

  • Rigid aluminium travelling case, c/w foam padding
  • Polyethylene sample and reagent bottles
  • Extension power supply cables and fuse boards
  • Overvoltage protection unit
  • Power socket adaptors

Specifications can be varied to suit customer’s non-standard preferences or special applications including:

  • Construction materials
  • Impeller diameters