Imhoflot Laboratory Flotation Cell IMF-V03

Laboratory Flotation Cell Imhoflot TM
Cell-size: 300 mm diameter
Capacity: 150-400 l/h
Material: Cell and aerator in perspex, built-on a movable table in stainless steel
Aerator: With porous aeration unit
Pumps: Feed pump and tailings pump, frequency controlled
Motor 0,75kW
Air control: Pressure gages and flowmeter to be connected to compressed air
Dimensions: 1000 x 600 x 1870 mm


IMF-V03 - Drawing

IMF-V03 – Drawing

Laboratory cell references

University in Trondheim / Norway – Carbon flotation

University in Clausthal / Germany – Barite flotation

AREVA / France Reverse Uranium flotation

CMP / Chile – Reverse Iron-ore flotation, 3 stage test.

Flotation of Silicates from Magnetite