(April 2012)

Maelgwyn Mineral Services (MMS) is pleased to announce two more sales of its ever versatile Aachen reactors. Both sales relate to mild pre-oxygenation applications with the first installation at the Bonanaza mine in Nicaragua and the second at La Paz silver mine in Mexico.
The Aachen reactor is a highly efficient mass transfer device developed out of the experience with Maelgwyn’s Imhoflot flotation technology. The versatility of the reactor is evident by the ever growing list of different process applications. This list currently consists of

  1. Mild pre-oxygenation to reduce cyanide consumption through oxidation of cyanide consuming species combined with efficient oxygen utilisation.
  2. Partial sulphide oxidation (typically up to 60%). This role is normally as part of the Leachox process and when combined with ultra-fine grinding significantly increase gold recovery for refractory flotation concentrates through partial oxidation of the sulphide matrix.
  3. Aachen assisted leaching (AAL). As a highly efficient mass transfer device and also a shear reactor Aachen reactors are finding increasing applications within gold leach circuits to accelerate leach kinetics, reduce cyanide consumption and reduce surface passivation.
  4. Within the MMS-CND cyanide destruction process.


MMS Aachen reactor REA 250