It has been well documented that conventional tank flotation is inefficient in the recovery of metallic fines and very inefficient in the recovery of ultra fines.
In contrast Imhoflot pneumatic flotation, with the combination of pico bubble generation and order of magnitude increase in energy utilization in the collection zone over tank flotation has the
ability to recover such ultra fines.
This paper details two separate site based pilot plant investigations into the ultra fine losses occurring into tailings by tank flotation and the ability of Imhoflot to recover these ultra fines. The first case study looks at a nickel operation in Europe where pilot plant work using a three stage Imhoflot G -Cell plant demonstrated its ability to recover approximately 30% nickel from the plant final tails , predominantly in the minus eleven micron fraction size range. The second case study investigated losses at a zinc operation where the liberation size of the zinc mineralisation was deemed to be around seven microns and this was the target grind size of the operation. A two stage Imhoflot G-Cell pilot plant achieved a 20% zinc recovery from the final cleaner tailings stream.

MEI Flotation 12 Conference, Cape Town South Africa, Nov 2011

Recovery Of Ultra-Fines using Imhoflot Pneumatic Flotation- Two Pilot Case Studies recovering Nickel and Zinc from Tailings Streams