PSS Filtration Developments

PSS Filtration Developments

MMS are entering the broad process market for filtration equipment with the latest PSS development. The Steel Belt Filter (SBF) is an innovative use of steel mesh weaves, obviating the need for polymer cloths.

In addition to the high capacity, long life benefits of stainless steel media the SBF has a range of unique design features to beat the competiton in particulates and sludge filtration.Compressed air driven, self induced vacuum, and optional overband press sections provide versatility while keeping costs low despite high performance.


SBFPilotSBF designs have been tested at pilot scale for industrial minerals (gypsum etc), iron ores, coal, mineral concentrates and tailings. Full scale units with 9m2 active area are currently in operation for municipal sewage sludge. Performance and cost objectives have been surpassed.

Installations for fine coal production are currently in the making.