(October 2010)

news_oct2010_2MMS through its Chilean based agent – Ingenieria de Minerales recently delivered a Imhoflot G-Cell plant incorporating a 2.8m G-Cell to the Vazantes zinc mine operated by Votorantim Metals in Brazil. Following successful pilot plant tests on different plant streams Votorantim placed a first order on MMS/IDM for a new flotation plant for carbonate flotation. This plant represents the first expansion stage with further upgrades planned. With the new Imhoflot flotation plant Votorantim is now able to float carbonates out of the plant tailings to achieve a saleable product for the fertilizer industry. Additionally through this reverse flotation process the carbonate float tailings are also upgraded in Zinc resulting in an additional 5% overall increase in overall Zinc recovery.

The nominal throughput in this first expansion stage is 260m³/h but the G28-cell has been shown to successfully operate at throughputs of up to 350 m³/h.

Commissioning of the cell went very smoothly taking only 1 week before being handed over to the client on the 3rd of September.