(December 2010)

news_dec2010_1Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa (MMSA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr John Batty to the position of General Manager. John is already very well known and respected in bioleaching circles and started his involvement with bioleaching early on in his career when he was responsible for the commissioning of the world’s first commercial BIOX® plant at Fairview Mine in Barberton. John later lead the team that developed the scale-up and design of the world’s first commercial scale thermophile BioCOP™ plant at Chuquicamata in Chile for the treatment of Chalcopyrite concentrates. John has also worked extensively on bio heap leaching and is the inventor or co-inventor of numerous patents in this field. John is also knowledgeable in pressure leaching having worked in Brazil at the São Bento operation.

John’s experience is not limited to bioleaching of gold and base metal ores as he has also worked on process design, flowsheet development, mineral sands, manganese ore beneficiation, electrolytic manganese production, arsenic purification from flue dusts, diamond exploration techniques and biodiesel production from crops grown on disturbed land. He has also worked on re-mediation technologies and was responsible for the group that looked after BHP Billiton’s remediation efforts with a particular emphasis on AMD treatment and carbon sequestration.

John’s appointment follows closely on the heels of the appointment in August of world renowned cyanide expert Peter Lotz and further demonstrates Maelgwyn’s ongoing support of its expanding flotation, refractory gold and cyanide destruction technologies.