(General Information Release June 2006)

belaruskali_logoMMS have recently won a contract to supply an IMHOFLOT V-Cell flotation plant at the Belaruskali potash plant. Belaruskali, located approximately 120km’s south of Minsk in the town of Soligorsk, is the biggest producer and supplier of potash mineral fertilizers in the CIS. Belaruskali supply a variety of products ranging from Potassium Chloride to edible rock salt, including ground sylvinite. MMS IMHOFLOT V-Cell technology was selected after a series of extensive pilot plant trials were conducted using IMF-V-12 pneumatic flotation pilot cells.

imfv12pilotThe current processing route for sylvinite involves milling of the ore in a saturated leach liquor followed by conventional flotation. The rougher concentrate produced will be thinned down further with additional leach and then pumped to the two stage IMHOFLOT V-Cell flotation plant. The plant will consist of two IMF-V-35 flotation cells operating in series. The design throughput is to be 350m3/hr treating 50-60tph. The IMHOFLOT pneumatic flotation cells offer the benefit of separating the flotation process into its individual components allowing optimisation of each one to be achieved individually. The aeration takes place externally in a self-aspirating aeration device, the aerated pulp is then distributed inside the separation vessel which consists of no moving parts.

MMS have supplied a number of potash flotation plants, such as K+S in Europe and plan to continue their market share in this specialist field with the addition of the Belaruskali potash flotation plant.

IMHOFLOT IMF-V-12 Pnuematic flotation pilot plant