(General Information Release February 2007)

belaruskali_logo The conventional flotation plant at Belaruskali operated a standard rougher, scavenger circuit followed by a cleaner and recleaner circuit. The cleaning and recleaning operation is now performed by a single pass through the IMF-V35. The feed rate is maintained at 350m3/hr (85 – 90 tph KCl) using Warman AHF froth pumps feeding the rougher concentrate where additional brine solution is added.

belarus_floatThe single IMF-V35 is able to produce a concentrate product of 89% KCl which is comparable with the concentrate produced in the older cleaner – recleaner circuit. The single IMF-V35 could now replace the 4 cleaner and 3 recleaner conventional flotation cells.

A short video of the froth flow produced by the IMF-V35 in operation can be downloaded in the downloads section.

Initial results from the plant show that the concentrate produced by the IMF-V35 is rich in coarse particles greater than 1mm, further proving that pneumatic flotation is able to recover coarse particles as well as fine particles. For detailed information regarding this operation, please send an email using the email generator.