(General Information Release March 2007)

limnMMS has concluded an agreement with David Wiseman Pty Ltd whereby MMS have become agents for the sale and support of Limn – The Flowsheet Processor and allied software packages (WizardPack Add-On for Limn, Thermo etc.). Limm is a successful Microsoft Windows Excel spreadsheet based flowsheet drawing and solution engine with over 500 licences been issued to sites world wide.

Apart from the standard mineral processing unit operations offered by Limn MMS hopes to develop with David Wiseman flowsheet and metallurgical balance capabilities incorporating its own proprietary technology – Imhoflot G-Cells, Leachox, Aachen Reactors etc. In addition MMS, through its associated technical consultants, John Willis and Michael Fletcher, will be offering training and support to European based customers of Limn.

For additional information please visit our LIMN Technology Section or www.davidwiseman.com.au