(September 2010)

news_sept2010_1A three 1.2m diameter Hybrid G-Cell Pilot Plant has recently completed a successful testwork program at a nickel/ copper mine in Europe.The 28m3 /hr Pilot Plant which integrates both vertical and tangential feed options, achieved nickel recoveries of up to 67% from the existing plants’ final tails.

Recoveries had been limited by the inability of the flotation plants’ existing tank cells to recover the nickel present as ultra fines. Previous QEMSCAN analysis of plant tailings had indicated that significant losses of nickel sulphides were occurring to the minus 9 micron fraction. The Imhoflot G-Cells using their ultra fine bubble technology and high energy contact reactor clearly illustrated their advantage in this size range over conventional flotation in recovering the extra metal. Further pilot work is planned to determine the economics of a possible circuit configuration change.