(April 2009)


Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa has entered into strategic alliance with Air Liquide to jointly pursue and develop projects that require both MMSA’s mass transfer technology and Air Liquide’s gas supply. The non-exclusive agreement, facilitated through Air Liqude (Pty) Ltd in South Africa, covers mining projects in sub-Sahara Africa. The alliance blends MMSA’s proprietary equipment into Air Liquide’s ALDOC system (Air Liquide Dissolved Oxygen and Control).

Air Liqude is a world leader in the supply of industrial gases and gas manufacturing equipment. MMSA offers proprietary MMS technology to Africa such as Aachen Reactors, Leachox and the Maelgwyn Cyanide Destruction Process (CN-D Process) that all utilise oxygen. MMSA’s Technical Director, Adrian Singh comments “As a result of this collaboration, it has become possible to offer to the mining industry a package deal that incorporates gas supply, Aachen Reactor injection technology, and dissolved oxygen measurement”. The first contract of this nature will shortly be concluded for a West African gold mine.