Presented at the MEI Precious Metals ‘10 Conference, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, June 2010
Stephen Flatman, Michael Battersby , Rainer Imhof , Richard Mark Battersby and Sabit Ibrayev
The Leachox refractory gold process has to date been applied to the selective treatment of several refractory gold ores but on a relatively small scale.
In this paper the successful implementation of the process, from initial testing through to commissioning at one of the world’s largest refractory gold mines is described.
The Leachox plant has been designed to treat 50 tons per hour of a sulphide concentrate. This is over 50% higher than the largest bio-oxidation plant currently operating worldwide and represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of traditionally difficult to process refractory gold ores. The process offers a low capital and operating cost route, but with similar high gold recoveries to bio-oxidation.
The Leachox Refractory Gold Process – The Testing, Design, Installation and Commissioning of a large Scale Plant at the VASGOLD Gold Mine, Kazakhstan