Leachox™ Refractory and Sulphide Gold Process

The Leachox™ Refractory Gold Process – The Testing, Design, Installation and Commissioning of a large Scale Plant at the VASGOLD Gold Mine, Kazakhstan. Presented at the MEI Precious Metals ‘10 Conference, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, June 2010.

Leachox™ Developments

MMS leach reactors reduces leach time to a matter of hours. The fact that the material is extremely fine, -20 microns, -10 microns or even -5 microns means that the gold can be recovered by adsorption on specialised resins in resin columns without the need for a solid-liquid separation step. Combining gold sulphide concentrate production using G-Cell centrifugal flotation, ultra-fine grinding, Aachen Reactors, MMS leach columns and Resin Columns means a dramatically reduced footprint size of plant compared with other refractory gold processes.

MMS also has developed the MMS Cyanide Destruction Process (CN-D Process) which offers a low cost method of destroying residual cyanides to far below International Cyanide Code levels and which goes hand in hand with the Leachox Process.

Leachox Testwork

leachox_5_smLeachox and Cyanide Destruction (CN-D) Pilot Plant Facility
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MMS have a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory and pilot plant facility in Johannesburg. The laboratory has full Leachox testing facilities. It also has testwork facilities in Cardiff in conjunction with Cardiff University to undertake Leachox work

A minimum of 50kgs of concentrate are required for a pilot plant test, however smaller quantities can be evaluated for response to Leachox in lab scale tests.