(General Information Release March 2007)

RockTron_Logo_smallRockTron Limited has announced the go-ahead for the UK’s first ash separation plant to be constructed as the Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station in Cheshire, UK. The Power Station is owned by Scottish & Southern Energy Plc (SSE) who have concluded an agreement with RockTron whereby SSE will acquire one preference share in RockTron and will provide it with a shareholder loan of up to £22 million to facilitate the construction of the plant.

G-28_3d_modelRockTron have taken an exclusive licence from MMS for the use of the Imhoflot pneumatic flotation technology specifically for the processing of ash resulting from the burning of coal. The Imhoflot technology will be incorporated into the RockTron Process which takes ash as its raw material and processes it into its constituent parts such as fine ash fraction, coarse ash fraction, magnetic fraction, carbon rich fraction and cenospheres. These constituent parts then become marketable products. MMS have previously supplied RockTron with an Imhoflot pilot plant for on-site testing at Fiddler’s Ferry.

MMS will be supplying RockTron under licence engineering and component parts to enable RockTron to build an Imhoflot G-Cell pneumatic flotation plant capable of processing up to 800,000 tons of ash per annum. The Fiddler’s Ferry plant is expected to become operational in 2008.

For further information on the RockTron Process, visit www.rocktronplc.com