(General Information Release February 2003)
We have been looking forward to carrying out high capacity R&D tests on the G-Cell centrifugal flotation design ever since the potash tests in Germany gave such encouraging results. The chance came when Ingwe MInes (BHP Billiton) offered their Koornfontein plant and facilities as a location. Maelgwyn MS and partners Particle Separation Systems (PSS) and JimHarrison Design Associates (JHDA) of South Africa manufactured and installed the G22 during November 2002 and tests commenced immediately.

KFNGCell01The G22 (2.2m diameter) was installed adjacent to the existing column flotation plant, receiving super-fine cyclone overflow after high shear conditioning. Capable of throughputs up to 350m3/h, optimal performance was achieved around 250m3/h

The key objective was to to verify our scale-up predictions for hydraulic capacity. It became clear that the performance was sufficient to allow us to achieve production standards under appropriate conditions and throughputs. The benefits to a plant were clearly demonstrated by the exercise, including the simplicity of operation and the compact installation.