(January 2015)

Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa (MMSA) is pleased to announce the delivery and commissioning of 4 G-cells at the old Zincor site in Springs, South Africa. The G-cells are used for the recovery of silver from the old zinc refinery residue by EBM Project.

Extensive flotation testwork was carried out at MMSA’s commercial laboratory on samples from the tailings dam, during which the flotation conditions were optimized and the G-cell plant configuration, size and number of G-cells were determined.

The order for the cells was placed in October 2014. Fabrication took 6 weeks, with delivery of the cells to site in the first week of January 2015. Installation took 2 weeks and the plant was commissioned and in production by end January 2015.

The tailings dam assays 250 g/t Ag. The flotation plant produces a final concentrate of around 1300 g/t Ag, which is the design target. The plant consists of 4 x G22 rougher cells in series with a throughput of up to 180 m3/h.

An additional G-cell has recently been ordered by EBM Project for expansion of the operations.