(Aug 2018)

Maelgwyn is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of its first Aachen shear reactor in Turkey at the Gümüştaş Maden silver processing plant.

The Gumustas plant treats two different ore types on an approximately six-month campaign basis. A hot lime process is used to recover the silver after milling of the ore to 80% minus 63 microns. Following cyanidation final silver (and gold) recovery is via a conventional Merrill -Crowe process. The ore heads grades are approximately 6 g/t gold and 200-350 g/t silver.

The Aachen reactor is currently installed for pre-oxygenation to reduce cyanide consumption and enhance recoveries however it is also planned to trial the Aachen later for cyanide destruction.

Maelgwyn’s General Manager Steve Flatman commented “The Gumustas installation is particularly exciting for us as not only is it our first Aachen installation in Turkey but it is also our first installation on a silver ore body. All of our existing (over 60) installations have to date been focused on predominantly gold operations. Despite the lower price of silver compared to gold, silver’s slow leach kinetics, passivation problems and associated low recovery make our Aachen shear technology particularly attractive due to the large increases in recovery that it can achieve. Over time we expect to see a significant increase in the number of Aachen shear reactors employed in silver operations”