(May 2008)

news_may2008_1The two Imhoflot IMF V-35 cells operating at Belaruskali, Belarus (see archive news 2006) have been trialled in other Potash flotation applications. It was found that in “Plant 1” only one of the V-35 cells was required to replace all the mechanical cleaning tank cells. As a result of the trials, in April 2008, two V-35 Imhoflot cells have taken over the cleaning duties of two of the eight plants and Belaruskali ordered four more V-35 cells. This is to replace tank cell cleaning duties in another four of their plants. The final remaining plants will switch over to Imhoflot progressively from the 2009 budget year. The decision to replace mechanical tank cell flotation for all the cleaning duties was made on the basis that Imhoflot not only gave an improved quality of product but also substantially reduced energy consumption. Belarus has issues with the increasing cost of energy for industrial applications.

news_may2008_2Belaruskali has also tested the two industrial size V-35 Imhoflot Cells on roughing and scavaging duties in Plant 3 with excellent results. Consequently Belaruskali have ordered four Imhoflot G-Cells (centrifugal froth separation), IMF-G-32 to totally replace mechanical cells in Plant 3 with Imhoflot in all duties. MMS won these contracts in conjunction with their local engineering partner Passat Engineering based in Soligorsk. Passat will manufacture the steelwork for the cells and supply the motors and plc control under licence from MMS, whilst MMS will supply the remaining key components.