Phoenix, February 28 – March 1

Mike Battersby presented a paper on the commissioning of IMF 30s at K & S Sigmundshall.

Pneumatic flotation is rapidly becoming accepted in the main stream of annual_meeting_2002flotation techniques. Imhoflot is a pneumatic flotation process that in recent years has undergone progressive development. It combines short flotation times with excellent selectivity by employing intense pre-aeration and dispersion. K+S GmbH (K+S), Germany, has installed a complete Imhoflot flotation plant at its Sigmundshall plant. The plant treats hard salt consisting of sylvine, halite, anhydrite and kieserite. The reason for selection was that Imhoflot achieves the required grades of plus 60 weight percent K2O whilst offering lower operating costs than conventional flotation installations.